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Someone Somewhere Document Your Culture


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This year’s publication has been led by two contrasting yet complementary project platforms that were given to final year students in the autumn semester 2019. Inspired by author and broadcaster Emma Warren’s book ‘Make Some Space’ the theme Document Your Culture provokes students to tell cultural stories they have had a personal association with. Whilst Someone Somewhere revisits the concept of a 1950s Royal Mail campaign ‘Someone Somewhere Wants A Letter’ to explore the relationship of the individual to official modes of communication and in particular the materiality of the visual forms this takes.

Despite the two project platforms being developed as counterpoints to each other, a connection appeared between the themes. The critique of social media that framed the challenge to re-imagine the ideas behind the 1950s Someone Somewhere campaign – a yearning for deeper social connections – can only be fulfilled by people sharing lived experiences together. An idea that now feels very prescient. Unintentionally the work featured in the publication and the method of design and production foreshadowed the conditions of lockdown and social distancing we are currently experiencing.

When social distancing finally ends we must remember to re-establish our social connections in person, face-to-face, whether it’s through clubbing, following football, joining a swimming club, our family traditions or cosplay. And we must make sure that someone somewhere is documenting the shared experiences.

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Someone Somewhere Document Your Culture
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