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Degree Show 2020

Obviously the Covid-19 crisis has had an enormous impact on all our students this year, no group more so than our final year students. Midway through their final semester and the culmination of their studies they were forced to work in isolation on their final major project and their portfolio without the access to the extensive range of traditional and digital graphic arts equipment and facilities that we take for granted. Despite this, the 3rd Years responded exceptionally well to the new online structures and support methods producing excellent work for their final projects.

However, not being able to have the traditional degree show has been a huge disappointment for all concerned. Every year, for decades, cohorts of students from across the UK have had a similar degree show experience. This year is different, and this website can never replace that traditional degree show experience. Nevertheless, the situation has given us the opportunity to produce something with more longevity. Something that will last beyond that time over the summer when the display tables and plinths are put away, the large format prints are taken down and the vinyl lettering is scraped off of the wall.

Hopefully this website, which features each student's final project, links to their personal online portfolios, and this year's Graphic Arts Publication, will go some small way to celebrate their achievements and mark their transition from students to professionals.

Laura Parke (Programme Leader)
Ian Mitchell (Level 6 Coordinator)
Cecilia Garside, Mike O'Shaughnessy and Jon Spencer (Level 6 Personal Tutors)
Anthony Ellis, David Heathcote, Matthew Johnson and Javier Pereda (Research Supervisors)
Heather Almond, Anne-Marie Bartlett, Emily Hayes, Chris Jackson, Hilary Judd and Carole Potter (Level 4 and 5 Tutors)

Thank you to the teaching and technical support provided by Carlos Santos Barea and Milos Simpraga (Digital Photo Lab), Hannah Fray and Paul Davidson (Printmaking), Graham Gildea and Kevin McCormack (IT) and Lol Baker (Fab Lab).

And a special thank you to all the alumni, studio support assistants and guest lecturers that have contributed to the experience of the class of 2020: Craig Oldham, Emma Warren, Iain Foxall, Bjorn Rune Lie, Marie Jones, Noel Douglas, Andy Stevens (GTF), Jon McNaught, Daisy Jacobs, Laura Carlin, Adrian Shaughnessy, Patrick Thomas, James Quail (Dorothy), Jonathan Barnbrook, Emily Alston (Emily Forgot), Pali Palavathanan, Julia Midgley, Rebecca Guyatt, Textbook, Louise Lockhart, Henry Obasi, Tom Senior, Pete Thomas, Tracy Worrall, Michael Lenz, Malik Thomas, Matt Lewis, Fleur Ellis, Luke Hall, Angus Vasili, Max Palmer, Heidi Rutherford Smith, Michael Jackson, Hannah McNicholls, Becky Whitney, Abby Sumner, Sana Iqbal, Jas Floyd, Katie Jackson, Sam Weihl, Kiara Mako, Lottie Brzozowski, Mario Vaz and Joe Tracey.

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